Alabama Resources

There are several medicare, medicaid, and medi-cal type programs to help people in Alabama.  Alabama is no stranger to the phenomenon of addiction, as the opioid epidemic has been very destructive there – just like it has in most states throughout the south (and the country)

Alabama is part of the solution as well though, with many positive developments, like prison rehabilitation programs, and the dispensation of Narcan  the school system. The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has begun an annual Addiction Recovery symposium for the sharing of ideas about how to combat the addiction epidemic. Also at UAB, there is a hospital addiction scholars program that aims to train the addiction clinicians of tomorrow. Alabama is also gravitating toward the legalization of medical marijuana.

The resources below are for people who have medicare, medicaid, and medi-cal type insurane (ie not private insurance). There is always help available for those who want it.

Alabama’s Medicaid Opioid Support in the United States

Table 1:  Medicaid’s Role in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic (as of June 2019)
State Opioid Overdose Death Rate per 100,000 (2017) Number of Opioid Overdose Deaths (2017) Medicaid Coverage of MAT Drugs (2018) IMD Exclusion Waiver for SUD Treatment (2019)
Prescription Opioids Heroin Synthetic Opioids
United States 14.9 14,495 15,482 28,466 M – 41, B – 51,
N – 51
21 Approved,
7 Pending
Alabama 9.0 141 125 198 M, B, N No
Alaska 13.9 47 36 37 M, B, N Approved
Arizona 13.5 349 334 267 M, B, N Pending
Arkansas 6.5 116 15 68 B, N No
California 5.3 973 715 536 M, B, N Approved
Colorado 10.0 254 224 112 M, B, N No
Connecticut 27.7 188 425 686 M, B, N No
Delaware 27.8 64 121 178 M, B, N Pending
District of Columbia 34.7 39 127 182 M, B, N No
Florida 16.3 1,133 707 2,126 M, B, N No
Georgia 9.7 513 263 419 M, B, N No
Hawaii 3.4 33 10 N/A M, B, N No
Idaho 6.2 55 23 22 B, N No
Illinois 17.2 494 1,187 1,251 M, B, N Approved
Indiana 18.8 390 327 649 M, B, N Approved
Iowa 6.9 95 61 92 M, B, N No
Kansas 5.1 74 25 32 B, N Approved
Kentucky 27.9 399 269 780 B, N Approved
Louisiana 9.3 161 162 156 B, N Approved
Maine 29.9 75 76 278 M, B, N No
Maryland 32.2 524 522 1,542 M, B, N Approved
Massachusetts 28.2 254 466 1,649 M, B, N Approved
Michigan 21.2 510 783 1,368 M, B, N Pending
Minnesota 7.8 150 111 184 M, B, N Pending
Mississippi 6.4 89 34 81 M, B, N No
Missouri 16.5 226 299 618 M, B, N No
Montana 3.6 22 N/A N/A M, B, N No
Nebraska 3.1 32 N/A 25 B, N Pending
Nevada 13.3 239 94 66 M, B, N No
New Hampshire 34.0 51 28 374 M, B, N Approved
New Jersey 22.0 424 1,085 1,376 M, B, N Approved
New Mexico 16.7 144 144 75 M, B, N Approved
New York 16.1 821 1,356 2,238 M, B, N No
North Carolina 19.8 573 537 1,285 M, B, N Approved
North Dakota 4.8 18 N/A 12 B, N No
Ohio 39.2 854 1,000 3,523 M, B, N Pending
Oklahoma 10.2 226 61 102 M, B, N No
Oregon 8.1 124 124 85 M, B, N No
Pennsylvania 21.2 564 819 1,982 M, B, N Approved
Rhode Island 26.9 74 14 201 M, B, N Approved
South Carolina 15.5 312 153 404 B, N No
South Dakota 4.0 14 N/A 14 M, B, N No
Tennessee 19.3 592 311 590 B, N Pending
Texas 5.1 535 569 348 M, B, N No
Utah 15.5 290 147 92 M, B, N Approved
Vermont 20.0 27 41 77 M, B, N Approved
Virginia 14.8 336 556 829 M, B, N Approved
Washington 9.6 250 306 143 M, B, N Approved
West Virginia 49.6 279 244 618 M, B, N Approved
Wisconsin 16.9 318 414 466 M, B, N Approved
Wyoming 8.7 30 N/A 17 B, N No
NOTE: Overdose deaths by type of opioid are not mutually exclusive and should not be summed. Synthetic opioid deaths do not include deaths due to methadone. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) drugs are: methadone (M), buprenorphine (B), and naltrexone (N). Naltrexone includes both oral and injectable. An IMD (Institution for Mental Disease) is an inpatient facility with over 16 beds.

Fellowship House Inc

1625 12th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35205

The Fellowship House provides a substance abuse recovery program designed to serve the special needs of an individual who suffers from alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Hours: N/A

Contact Info: Phone: (205) 933-2430 Fax: (205) 933-2475


7400 Roper Lane, Daphne, AL 36526

31214 Coleman Lane, Spanish Fort, AL 36527 phone: (251) -626-2199 / Fax: (251) 626-2388

E-Mail: info(AT) Website:

  • An assessment must be completed before treatment. There is a $50 fee for the assessment.
  • potential client must call to schedule an assessment for himself or herself.
  • We will not turn a client away based solely on ability to pay.
  • client is required to be detoxified from alcohol and drugs PRIOR to admission to any of our programs.
  • If you are incarcerated, please call The Shoulder for information on scheduling an assessment.
  • A current (within last 6 months) TB test
  • Proof of registration and automobile insurance if client intends to operate a vehicle while in residence. Driving privileges must be approved by a counselor

Phoenix House Inc

700 35th Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phone: (205) 758-3867

The Phoenix House, Inc. of Tuscaloosa, Alabama is a freestanding, non-profit Transitional Housing facility (Level III.01 and III.1) that began operation in the late 1960’s as a half-way house for alcoholic men and evolved to its current mission and structure in 1994. During this period, the Phoenix House provided opportunities for addiction recovery in both residential and outpatient levels of care. The primary mission is to assist individuals in their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and help them return to society as productive members during a 90 day program. Success is achieved through individual, group and family counseling, vocational and adult education, life skills training, and job training/placements.

Location: 700 35th Avenue Tuscaloosa, AL

Hours: Monday-Friday: 6AM-6PM, Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Contact Info: Phone: (205) 758-3867 Fax: (205) 758-3803 Admissions: jennifercolvin6(AT)

Saint Annes Home Inc

2772 Hanover Circle, Birmingham, AL 35205

Phone: (205) 933-2402 / Fax: (205) 933-2479

info(AT) Intake Coordinator at – (205) 933-2402, extension 228

  • A rehab for adult women only, charging only $150 per month for services. The average length of stay is 90 days and the facility is equipped to handle dual diagnosis patients. Women must get referred to the facility by a health professional, and there is normally a waiting list.
  • 19 years old or older at the time of admission
  • Clients should be abstinent from mood altering substances of abuse for at least 72 hours prior to admission. This will be confirmed via drug screen at the time of admission
  • Priority will be given to women who are pregnant with intravenous substance use disorders, other pregnant women with substance use disorders, women with dependent children, IV drug users, and HIV positive women.

Genesis MBTC Northport Alabama

PO Box 869, Northport, AL 35476 / (205) 267-0293

11989 Ben Clements Rd. Northport, Alabama 35475

Faith based discipleship program / NO CHARGE FOR THE PROGRAM

  • Adults (ages 18 and up) can apply to any of our centers for help.
  • Admission is on a bed availability basis.
  • Our centers are open to both men and women.
  • resident may be required to have a return ticket (or the equivalent)
  • Any serious health or legal problems should be taken care of before coming into the center.

Restoration Ranch Tuscumbia Alabama

PO Box 767, Tuscumbia, AL 35647

722 Little Israel Road, Tuscumbia, AL – 35674 (Colbert County) (800) 591-6474 / (256) 381-0930

  • Christ-centered discipleship drug, alcohol and emotional rehab residential treatment program
  • 8 to 10 month rehabilitation program
  • Eligibility: Individuals 18 and older with a drug, alcohol, or emotional problem who are desperate for help.
  • Hours: 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Mon-Sat
  • Intake procedure: Call For Appointment
  • Fees: No Fee for Service

The Foundry Ministries

P.O. Box 824, Bessemer, AL 35021 – (205) 424-HOPE (4673)

info(AT) Business Office – 1804 Sixth Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020

P (205) 428-8449 / F (205) 428-6999 recovery(AT)


  • The Men’s Recovery Center – 1804 6th Ave North, Bessemer, Al 35020
  • The Women’s Recovery Center – 1800 4th Ave North, Bessemer, Al 35020
  • The Foundry Farm – 575 County Road 1676, Cullman, Al 35058 80 beds for men
  • The Changed Lives Christian Center = 1308 26th Avenue North, Birmingham, Al 35204
  • The Prison Re-entry Center – 1616 5th Ave North, Bessemer, Al 35020


Teen Challenge

– 3 Locations in AL

The programs are typically 12-18 months and consist of Bible studies, work projects, education (for adolescents), recreation and more. Many aspects of the program differ slightly between centers, such as cost, application processes, and day-to-day activities. HOLISTIC RECOVERY

Alabama Teen Challenge, Inc. (Admin Office) – P.O. Box 270, Lincoln, Alabama 35096

(205) 763-0909 office / (205) 763-0948 fax

Although many potential students do not initiate contact with potential programs, during the admissions process, most programs will want to speak directly with the applicant.

Please understand that it is your responsibility to provide transportation to and from Teen Challenge.

Adolescent Teen Challenge programs generally work with teens ages 12-17. Most adult programs work with individuals over the age of 18. There is not usually an upper range age cap in adult programs. The average age in adult Teen Challenge programs is between 25-35.

Each individual Teen Challenge program has its own policy regarding fees, tuition, and refunds. This information should be thoroughly explained, and provided in writing, at the time of admission. In most cases, admission fees are non-refundable. In adolescent programs where finances are more of an issue, refund policies will be provided by the individual Teen Challenge programs.

There are a few Teen Challenge programs that work with the whole family. there are some Teen Challenge programs that are for mothers and their children. Call (417) 581-2181, or visit our Residential page for more details.

Most Teen Challenge programs require that you detox – preferably a medically supervised detox – prior to entering the program

Costs vary from center to center.

  • BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA – 9280 Hurricane Rd, Bay Minette, Alabama 36507 (251) 580-0091 office (251) 580-0950 fax bray(AT) Men’s Center – South accepts Men (18+), including those that are on parole, on probation, using a wheelchair. Note: 12 month program for adult males, ages 18 and up. Christian faith-based, residential care.
  • JONES, ALABAMA – 3888 County Rd 261, Jones, Alabama 36749 (334) 872-0133 office

(334) 872-0030 fax bpurvis(AT) Men’s Center – West accepts Men (18+), including those that are on parole, on probation, using a wheelchair.

  • LINCOLN, ALABAMA – 450 Drew Avenue, Lincoln, Alabama 35096 (205) 763-0855 office

(205) 763-0948 fax bpurvis(AT) Men’s Center Lincoln accepts Men (18+), including those that are on parole, on probation, spanish-speaking, using a wheelchair.


449 County Road 165, Autaugaville, AL 36003

phone: (334) 365-2200

  • non-denominational, Christian home. Men 18 years and older can apply to become students in the one year program


1625 12th Ave S., Birmingham, AL 35205

Tel: (205) 933-2430 / Fax: (205) 933-2475

E-Mail: cedric.ellison(AT) Website:


  • Applicant must provide a current (less than one year old) psychosocial assessment or history and physical with an axis I substance dependence diagnosis.
  • Applicant must complete Fellowship House application.
  • Applicant must not currently be in physical withdrawal from any substance.
  • Applicant must complete screening interview with intake staff where any special needs will be assessed and addressed.
  • Applicant must provide social security card, printout, or picture ID.


  • Admission fee: $35.00
  • Residential program service fee: Sliding scale of 30% of net income, not exceeding total cost of treatment
  • Food stamps: All meals are provided by FSH. Clients eligible for food stamps will submit their EBT cards to FSH on the day of admission
  • The vast majority of clients served by Fellowship House have no income or insurance at the time that they start working with us. Don’t let lack of finances stop you from seeking help from Fellowship House- we will work with you to meet these responsibilities.

Huntsville Salvation Army

305 Seminole Drive, Huntsville, AL 35805

Ph: 256-536-0442

six-month to a year rehabilitation FOR MEN


7720 Ludington Ln, Irondale, AL 35210

phone: 205-951-9230

7916 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35206 Main: (205) 833-7410 / Fax: (205) 833-9997

9-12 mo program for women and women w/children info(AT)


426 Perry Hill Rd, Montgomery AL 36109 phone: (334) 303-5594–Recovery-House.html

To reserve a bed, a $100.00 deposit is required. This money is refunded at the time one leaves the home to continue their transition by returning to the community at large. The $100.00 will not be refundable if one leaves prior to their 90-day commitment, or demonstrates relapse behavior and is asked to leave. fee is only $100.00 per week.


– Montgomery AL – (334) 262-6024


1415 2nd Ave, Opelika, AL 36801

phone: 334-332-3932 E-Mail: contactus(AT)

PO Box 2888, Opelika, AL 36803 334-742-0777

Application on website. Fill out and return to: Mail: 1415 2nd Ave Opelika, AL 36801 Fax: 334-203-1830 Email: frankcraft7(AT)

FREE program for adult males

Hosanna Home

adult females – return application to:

the Director: Hosanna Home PO Box 125; Lafayette, AL 36862

Mission of Hope Ministries

P. O. Box 8504, Mobile, Alabama 36689

Phone:251-649-0830 Fax:251-645-0077

  • No tobacco of any kind is allowed on our property
  • See website for list of things to bring
  • Men/women
  • Free program
  • The program for men is called Mission of Hope. We have three locations for ladies: Haven of Hope Moffett Rd, Haven of Hope Taylor House, and Haven of Hope Fruitdale. The Moffett Rd and Taylor House locations are in Mobile County, Alabama, and Haven of Hope Fruitdale is in Fruitdale, A

Center of Hope

2906 Bynum Leatherwood Road, Anniston, AL. 36201


Tel: (256) 236-9716 / Fax: (256) 236-9736

  • 12 mo free faith based program
  • Application on website

CAP Drug Rehab

1153 Air Base Blvd, Montgomery AL, 36108

Ph 334 265 4544 / FAX (334) 265-0475 Admissions: (334) 269-2150

  • A low cost residential rehab for men. 25$ per day including room and board and 5 hours of therapy daily, those with greater incomes may be asked to pay more. Offering 12 steps, group therapy and individual counseling, you will need to call to schedule an assessment and intake interview, and you must be sober at the time of your assessment intake interview.

Shelby Mental Health ( The Hamilton Center)

The Chilton Shelby Mental Health Center at The Hamilton Center includes:

Outpatient Services, Adult Intensive Day Treatment Program, Substance Abuse Services.

They are very community based and are a non-profit organization that caters to those with mental illness, intellectual disabilities and/or substance use disorders. Every person is case by case and the services received will be individual and specific to the patient. Charges are on a sliding fee scale based on income and other factors, cash, self-payment, Medicaid, state financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid, or private health insurance.

The Bridge (Tuscaloosa Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center)

The program is designed for youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who meet the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s criteria for Level I or Level II treatment placement. The Tuscaloosa Outpatient Center offers outpatient, intensive outpatient, continuing care services and TASS, an evening reporting center. The service model is based on a blended therapeutic approach, drawing from four theoretical frameworks (Rogerian, behavioral, cognitive, and reality). The program emphasizes an individualized treatment plan that includes the family unit as well as the adolescent. Location:

151 Hamilton Lane Calera, AL 35040

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Saturday- Sunday Closed

Contact Info: Phone: (205) 668-4308 Fax: (205) 668-0894

Location: 6001 12th Avenue East Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 Hours: N/A

Contact Info: Phone: (205) 344-6483 Email: TuscaloosaOP(AT)

Aletheia House

Aletheia House is a community-based organization that has been providing substance abuse treatment and prevention services to low-income individuals, and the communities in which they live, since 1972. It is one of Alabama’s largest providers of substance abuse treatment, substance abuse/HIV prevention, employment services and affordable housing.

Locations: Men’s Services – 201 Finley Avenue West Birmingham, AL 35204

Women’s and Wellness Services – 3512 7th Ave South Birmingham, AL 35204

Veterans’ Services and Employment Training Programs – 2631 Ensley Avenue Birmingham, AL 35204

Administration/Housing/Other Services – 201 Finley Avenue West Birmingham, AL 35204 Hours: 24/7 Contact Info:

Men’s Services: (205) 324-6502

Women’s and Wellness Services: (205) 279-3999

Veterans’ Services and Employment Training Programs: (205) 788-5122 Administration/Housing/Other Services: (205) 324-6502

Birmingham Veteran Administration

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP) provides high quality treatment to patients with psychoactive substance use disorders using both VA and community resources to create a full continuum of care.

Location: 700 South 19th Street Birmingham AL, 35233 Hours: N/A

Contact Info: Phone: (205) 933-8101 Ext. 5510 Fax: (205) 933-4484


We offer an array of mental health, financial counseling, foster care services to support Alabama families and move our state forward with tremendous outcomes. We provide services such as: Family counseling, Intensive in-home services, Therapeutic foster care, and Residential programs. Location: 1401 20th Street South Birmingham, AL 35205

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8AM- 5PM, Friday: 8AM-4:30PM Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Contact Info: Phone: (205) 510-2600 Centralized Intake: (205) 510- 2755

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP) provides high quality treatment to patients with psychoactive substance use disorders using both VA and community resources to create a full continuum of care. Location: 3701 Loop Road. East Tuscaloosa, AL 35404 Hours: N/A

Contact Info: Phone: (205) 554-2000


SpectraCare’s services include: Developmental Disability Services, Medical Services, Behavioral Health Services, Outpatient Programs, Residential Treatment Facilities, Child & Adolescent Services, Community Services, Prevention Services, Court Referral Program, Court Referral Education Program (CREP) and Emergency Services Helpline.

*These services can be provided for clients who have approved health insurance*

Location: 3542 Montgomery HWY, Dothan, AL 36302 Hours: 24/7

Contact Info: Phone: (800) 951-4357 Fax: (334) 712-2727

SpectraCare The Haven

831 John D Odom Road, Dothan, AL 36303

Ph (334) 794-3771 / 800-951-HELP (4357)

Administration Office: 3542 Montgomery HWY, Dothan, AL 36302

Phone – (800) 951-4357 / Fax – (334) 712-2727

  • Medicaid / Medicare Accepted
  • If you don’t have insurance: If you are unable to pay for all of your services and you do not have health insurance, Medicare Part B, or Medicaid, you may apply for financial assistance in paying for the cost of your services received. To obtain financial assistance, you must provide written proof of certain financial information. To determine if you may qualify for financial assistance, please contact our Access to Care Department at 800-951-4357.
  • The Haven, located in Dothan, Alabama is a residential treatment facility for both men and women with alcohol or other drug related problems.
  • Admission priority is given to pregnant women, IV drug users, people with dependent children.

The Pathfinder

3104 Ivy Ave, SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

Phone 256-534-7644 / Fax 256-533-0760 Email: thepathfinderinc(AT)

  • 90 day Men’s program
  • Must be detoxed – must be drug and alcohol free for a minimum of 72 hours
  • program emphasizes the 12-step program
  • clients are required to obtain employment and pay a portion of the cost for their housing and services
  • provides follow up care
  • can return to for help and guidance when they need it
  • dually diagnosed and have co-occurring disorders

East Alabama Mental Health Center

3 Available Substance Abuse Locations

Opelika Addiction Center – 2300 Center Hills Dr., Building I, Opelika, AL 36801 Chambers County Addiction Center – 410 9th Avenue, Lafayette, Alabama Russell County Addiction Center – 3170 Martin Luther King Pkwy., S Phenix City, AL 36868

Ph 334-742-2130 / Help Available 24/7: (334) 742-2877 or (800) 815-0630 Non-emergency services can be requested during normal business hours at (800) 815-0630 or (334) 742-2877

  • outpatient and intense outpatient services
  • Medicaid accepted

Olivia’s House

8017 2nd Avenue South – Birmingham, Alabama 35206

Olivia House Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers, Inc.

Alcoholism Recovery Services, Inc will provide substance abuse treatment services at Olivia’s House. Olivia’s House provides holistic care for chemically dependent women and their children. Children, up to age 10, live with their mothers at Olivia’s House during the course of residential treatment, a period of up to twelve months.

Telephone – (205) 833-5708 – Fax – (205) 838-8452

  • Children, up to age 10, live with their mothers at Olivia’s House during the course of residential treatment, a period of up to twelve months
  • Children will be seen for routine sick and well child care at the Birmingham Health Care for the Homeless Pediatric Clinic (BHHPC), the Maternal Infant Network at University Hospital (MIN) Clinic, Children’s Hospital, or the Jefferson County Public Health Clinic. At all of these resources they will also receive vision, hearing, and dental care.
  • Residential and outpatient substance abuse group therapy
  • On site developmental child care center
  • Pregnant IV drug using women are given preference to treatment.
  • The priorities of admission are (1) Pregnant IV drug users (2) Pregnant substance abuse users and (3) IV users.
  • Women must have or seeking to regain custody of at least one child between the ages of 0-12.
  • We also accept clients from prison or who have legal issues.

Pearson Hall

2701 Jefferson Ave SW, Birmingham, AL / 59th Alley, Fairfield, AL 35064

Ph (205) 923-6552

Client Assessments, Medically supervised detoxification ,Group counseling, Individual counseling, Family counseling, Educational lectures, Nutritional counseling, Individualized treatment planning, Self-help group meetings, Psychiatric services and After care Services

  • indigent detoxification program, serving male and females – inpatient
  • medically supervised systematic reduction of the substance
  • During the detoxification process, clients are administered medications which provide for safe withdrawal from chemicals of abuse, stabilization of bodily functions, and replacement of nutritional deficiencies.
  • open to men and women ages 18 and above
  • The priorities of admission are (1) Pregnant IV drug users (2) Pregnant substance abuse users and (3) IV users

Zukoski Center HIV Outreach Program

601 Princeton Ave Southwest, Birmingham, AL 35211

Ph (205) 785-5787

  • Provide HIV Case Management. / Provide HIV Educational Lectures.
  • Provide Intensive Outpatient (IOP) counseling and education.
  • Provide HIV screening and testing, (pre and post testing).
  • program is voluntary and open to men and women
  • Individuals seeking help must first call for a telephone screening to determine eligibility. If eligible, you will be scheduled an assessment appointment time.
  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Meet the DSM-IV-R diagnosis for substance abuse or substance dependence.
  • Must be conscious and coherent.
  • Must have transportation.
  • Fees are based on a sliding fee scale depending on the client income and expenses. No one is denied services due to inability to pay. Medicaid is accepted.
  • A forty-two dollar ($42.00) lab fee is charged to cover lab work associated with physical examination.
  • The length of treatment at Zukoski Center is variable. The program is individualized and so is one’s progress.

Mountain View Hospital

3001 Scenic Hwy, Gadsden, AL 35904

Outpatient Clinic – GADSDEN CLINIC, 3001 Scenic Highway, Gadsden, AL 35904 ph (256) 546-9265 / (256)547-2760

Ph (256) 546-9265 / 800-245-3645 / Careline 1-800-662-1002 https://mountain-view-hospital

  • 68 beds
  • Medicare approved, and for ages up to 21, Medicaid approved.
  • chemical dependency outpatient treatment

New Beginnings Ministries Restoration Center

3185 Pea Ridge Rd, Brewton, AL 36426 Phone: (251) 809-1155 / (251) 727-1655

  • Faith based
  • 12-step framework recovery program
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • Residential treatment program
  • Free – All of the services provided to patients at the center are dependent on the contributions that are made to the organization. Patients who are in need of treatment at the company may choose to make a donation themselves, should they have the financial resources to do so.

Royal Pines Center / Jimmie Hale Mission

P.O. Box 10472, Birmingham, AL 35202

Phone: (256) 352-9444 / 205-323-5878 info(AT)

Shepura Men’s Center / Homeless shelter and recovery program for men – 3420 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35222 Phone: (205) 324-2271 Email: vines(AT)

  • 160 bed Men’s
  • Bible-based recovery classes

Jessie’s Place / Intermediate shelter for women and children – 2305 5th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203 Phone: (205) 323-0170 Email: latonya(AT)

  • for women and children

Royal Pines Recovery Center / Bible-based, 12-step recovery program for men – 5 Guinns Cove Road, Hayden, AL 35079 Ph: (256) 352-9444 Email: george(AT)

  • 16-week, in-resident recovery center for men that uses a Biblical approach to overcoming life’s struggles. Bible based 12 step recovery classes
  • Individual counseling sessions

The Jimmie Hale Mission

We are a Christian based nonprofit, since our beginning as a storefront chapel in 1944.

Downtown Jimmie Hale Mission, Inc. (more commonly referred to as The Jimmie Hale Mission), has grown considerably over the years to become a multi-faceted ministry with several programs including a homeless shelter for men, a shelter for women and children, after-school Bible clubs, recovery programs, learning centers and fundraising thrift stores.

Northport, Alabama Genesis MBTC

PO Box 869, Northport, AL 35476 Ph (205) 267-0293

Indian Rivers Mental Health Center

2209 9th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phone: (205) 391-3131 / Administration: 205.391.3135

Pickens County Office: 140 Court Square E, Carrollton, AL 35447 Phone: 205.367.8159 / Fax: 205.367.1237

Bibb County Office: 2439 Main St, Brent, AL 35034 Phone: 205.926.4681 / Fax: 205.926.6016

Tuscaloosa County Office: 2209 9th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Phone: 205.391.3131

  • Adult Mental Illness Outpatient Services

Indian Rivers Adult outpatient treatment focuses on recovery, symptom reduction, illness management, and stabilization. Initial assessments determine the most appropriate type of therapeutic intervention for each person. Services include individual, group, and family therapy, education about mental illness for groups and individuals, and psychiatric evaluation and management.

Adult outpatient services provide care for adults 19 and older.

Location: 2209 9th Street Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Hours: N/A

Contact Info: Phone: 1-205-391-3131 Fax Numbers: Administration: (205) 391-3135

A Woman’s Place (Through Indian Rivers)

Inpatient services for substance abusing women who are pregnant or have dependent children are provided by women counselors to facilitate the most effective possible treatment. Adult inpatient services provide care for adults 19 and older.

Location: 2209 9th Street Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Hours: N/A Contact Info: Phone: (205) 333-9184 Fax: (205) 3397246

Birmingham Metro Treatment Center

Treatment plans are developed for all adults, 18 years or older, who have a primary addiction to opioids (painkillers or heroin).

Location: 151 Industrial Drive Birmingham, AL 35211

Hours: Monday-Friday: 5:30AM-2PM Saturday and Sunday 6-10AM Contact Info: Phone: 205-941-1799 Fax: 205-942-2037 Email: Medical Records: (205) 391-3135 Physicians: (205) 391-3136

Rapha Treatment Center/Rapha Ministries

677 W Covington Ave, Attalla, AL 35954

phone: (256) 538-7458 / fax: (256) 776-7772 recovery(AT)

  • Application and lists of what to bring and not to bring located on website
  • Male and female minimum of 19 yrs of age
  • Clients must have a current physical exam (within past 12 months) or arrange for the exam within two weeks of admission.
  • No sexual or violent offenders
  • 5-6 month program