New York Resources

New York is known to have Medicaid, medicare and medi-cal programs that are available to the residents of the state. They also know that there is an ongoing issue with addiction throughout the state, and the nation.

Though the progress that is needed to further the opioid addiction recovery and treatment options are slowed down, lawmakers are looking towards other forms of recovery and help for those that are currently struggling with addiction. They have already eased the restrictions that were once on the medications used to treat addiction, making them more easily accessible to those that need them. Though these medications can help with addiction and reduce deaths, they are rarely being used as much as they should be.

The resources below are there to provide more information about what help is available to those with Medicaid, medicare and medi-cal program options. Help in New York is always there when someone struggling needs or wants it.

Trinity Institution (Homer Perkins Center Inc)

76-82 2nd Street,Albany, NY 12210

Phone: (518) 436-1104

New Hope Manor Inc (Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Unit)

35 Hillside Road, Barryville, NY 12719

Phone: (845) 557-8353

BASICS Bronx Addiction Services (Basics/Franklin House)

1064 Franklin Ave, Bronx, NY 10456

Phone: (718) 764-1545

Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services (Casa Di Vita Halfway House/Women)

200 Albany Street, Buffalo, NY 14213 Phone: (716) 882-8898

Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services (Mens Community Residence)

2025 Broadway Street, Buffalo, NY 14212 Phone: (716) 892-7401

Lake Shore Behavioral Health Inc (Drug Free Residential Program for Women)

232-262 Hempstead Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 831-7877×214

Twin County Recovery Services Inc (Riverside Recovery Residence)

428 West Main Street, Catskill, NY 12414 Phone: (518) 943-2744×28

Twin County Recovery Services Inc (The Red Door Community Residence)

437-441 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY 12534 Phone: (518) 822-0090

Veritas Villa Inc (Alcoholism Inpatient Rehabilitation)

5 Ridgeview Rd, Kerhonkson, NY 12446

Phone: (845) 626-3555 WWW.VERITASVILLA.COM

East House Corp (Pinny Cooke House)

50 Browncroft Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14609

Phone: (585) 288-3310

Horizon Village (Drug Free Residential Treatment Prog)

6301 Inducon Dr E – Sanborn, NY 14132

Phone: (716) 731-2030

Palladia Inc (Starhill/Intensive Residential)

1600 Macombs Road, Bronx, NY 10452

Phone: (718) 299-3300

United Bronx Parents Inc (UBP) (La Casita 1/Mother and Child Program)

834 East 156th Street, Bronx, NY 10455

Phone: (718) 292-9808

Project Renewal (Medically Monitored Crisis Service)

8 East 3rd St, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 533-8400×138

St Albans Primary/Extended Care Center

179-00 Linden Boulevard at 179 St, Saint Albans, NY 11425

Phone: (718) 526-1000

Saint Johns Riverside Hosp/Park Care (Pav/Chemical Dep Crisis Center)

2 Park Avenue, 3rd Floor West Wing, Yonkers, NY 10703

Phone: (914) 964-7537

Walter Hoving Home

P.O. Box 194, 40 Walter Hoving Road, Garrison, NY 10524

Telephone: (845) 424-3674 / Fax: (845) 424-4179

Website: E-mail:whhny(AT)

New York Branch – Beth Greco, President / Ashley Putnam, Executive Director

  • 6 or 12 month program in NY and CA. The 12 month is program is offered in Las Vegas.
  • require a $500 entrance fee from the Ladies plus $500 support each month. Each lady is assessed individually and we work with those who are unable to pay.
  • Just give us a call and tell the receptionist you would like to do an Intake Interview – any time, any day. For Garrison, New York – call toll free 1 (877) 247-5401 or (845) 424-3674 / For Pasadena, California – call toll free 1 (888) 4-Hoving or (626) 405-0950 / For Las Vegas, Nevada – call (702) 386-1965
  • We accept collect calls from jails or the streets.


1743 Grand Ave, Bronx, NY 19453 phone: (718) 731-2752

E-Mail: nlfgdoverpa(AT) Website:


1041 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11216

phone: (718) 771-0760 ext. 106 hope(AT)

MEN’S FACILITY – T: 718.771.0760 / F: 718.771.0960 , 1041 Bergen St, Brooklyn, New York 11216 WOMEN’S FACILITY – T: 718.756.8673 / F: 718.756.4527, 976 Park Pl, Brooklyn, New York 11213

  • program varies from 12-18 months (or less), based on individual progress.
  • fifty bed men’s facility and twenty-eight bed women’s facility, both located in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Faith-based Intensive Residential Treatment program Licensed by OASAS
  • requires an initial phone and in person assessment before intake and subsequent admission into treatment.
  • Those seeking treatment should have in their possession at least one to three pieces of identification. These could include a birth certificate, social security card, passport, alien registration card, current Medicaid Benefit Card, DMV Driver’s License or Non-Drivers Identification.


379 Dean Creek Rd‎, Lockwood, NY 14859

Website: email: renovationhouse777(AT)

Phone: (607) 589 4413 / Fax: (607) 589 7383

  • 12 month men faith based family

Odyssey House Inc.

219 East 121st Street, New York, NY 10035

Ph. (212) 987-5128

120 Wall St, New York, NY 10005

Phone: (212) 361-1600 866-888-7880 admissions(AT)

Greenhope Housing Inc

– 418 E 119th St, New York, NY 10035

Phone: (212) 722-5729

  • In order to be admitted to any of Greenhope’s programs, clients must meet the following criteria: , female, 18+, History of Substance Abuse, New York State resident, Not in need of detoxification services
  • please contact the legal services director, Estelle Pierce at (212) 996-8633 or email epierce(AT)

Addicts Rehabilitation Center Fund, Inc.

1881 Park Avenue New York, NY 10035

212-427-1342 ext 201 Intake Hours 9AM – 6PM

2015 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10035 / 212-427-6960 Ext 34 / Intake Hours 9AM – 6PM

Phone: (212) 427-6960 otaylor(AT)

Argus Community – Harbor House and Argus IV

– 760 East 160th Street, Bronx, New York 10456

(718) 401-5700 / Main Fax: (718) 993-5308 / Central Intake: (718) 401-5726 info(AT)

  • Medicaid, Three Months +, Dual Diagnosis
  • operating two long term (18 month+) therapeutic communities in NYC. Argus House is a long program for men, and Harbor House is a lengthy residential program for homeless and dual diagnosis patients (men and women). Medicaid is accepted, and all programs are accessible to all, regardless of an ability to pay for services.

New Life Manor (RECAP Inc.)

127 Hickory Hill Road, Newburgh, NY 12550

Ph (845) 566-1224 / Fax: (845) 566-1675

Ph (845) 342-3978 Email: info(AT) Post mail: RECAP, 40 Smith Street, Middletown, NY 10940

  • A 24 bed residential facility outside of Newbhurg NY. A transitional living home, residents benefit from a safe and structured place of residence, with some therapies and education. For adult men and women.
  • Free/Affordable, Medicaid, Insurance, Three Months+, Dual Diagnosis


170 East 107th Street, New York, NY 10029

Ph (212) 722-7501×216

  • runs two large drug rehabs, and several transitional living houses for men, women and women with children. Medicaid is accepted, and there is a unique program for dual diagnosis women with children.
  • Two large (300+ bed) rehabs, for men, women, and women with children, including a residential program for women with mental health and addiction challenges, and their small children. Transitional living is also available for those who complete the long term (1 year) rehab programs. For homeless and disadvantaged New Yorkers, very affordable.
  • Men, Women, Free/affordable, Three Months+, Medicaid

Charles K. Post Addiction Treatment Center

998 Crooked Hill Road, Building 1 PPC Campus, Brentwood, NY 11717

Ph (631) 434-7209 / (631) 434-7200 / (631) 434-7254 FAX

Elaine Dubissette, Director elaine.dubissette(AT)

  • A residential halfway house for adult men and women in West Brentwood NY. State funded long term residential care for people who have completed a primary rehab program. Some payment assistance is available to those unable to pay.
  • Three Months+, Free/Affordable
  • A long term residential halfway house for adult men and women. Serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties, this state funded facility offers payment assistance for those in need.

Samaritan Village

327 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036

Ph (212) 333-5445

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment 1-800-532-HELP (4357) OR (718) 657-6195

  • offering long term (12 month) therapeutic community care, and an array of homeless residences with substance abuse treatments. Affordable care for all.
  • Men, Women, Free/affordable, Three Months
  • Several services and locations

Phoenix House

Admissions Office, Manhattan, 2191 3rd ave, (at East 119th Street), New York, NY 10035

Ph (212) 831-1555 ext. 7500 / 1-800-HELP-111

  • A number of residential, and long duration, drug and alcohol rehabs for just about any and everyone. A non profit, Medicaid, insurance or self pay are accepted. Multiple NYC and upstate locations, including 2 teen residential drug treatment and schooling centers
  • Men, Women, Teen, Medicaid, Insurance, Three Months, Dual Diagnosis

The Renaissance Project

767 Cape Road, Ellenville, NY 12428

Ph (845) 647-6575

  • A 100 bed residential addiction treatment facility in Ellenville NY. For adult men and women, billed on a sliding scale based on family income and ability to pay.
  • The project also operates 9 outpatient treatment facilities throughout the state.

Saint Francis Hospital – Beacon Rehab and Detox

The Turning Point

11 Hastings Drive, Beacon, NY 12508 ph (845) 838-4500

  • Hospital based medical detoxification and inpatient rehab treatment. Dual diagnosis track rehab is available. All services are billed on a sliding scale, Medicaid is accepted, as is health insurance. In Beacon NY

The Bowery Residents Committee Chemical Dependency Crisis Center

127 West 25th St., 3rd Floor,New York, NY 10001

Ph (212) 533-3281

  • A short term and free detox or relapse avoidance center. Open to anyone who needs help. In NYC.

Lower East Side Services Center (Su Casa, PWIP, The Partnership Recovery Residence)

The Partnership Program – 600 Albany Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203 ph 718-363-3939

Su Casa – 7 Gouverneur Slip, New York, NY 10002 ph 212-566-7590


  • Therapeutic community residential drug treatment, primarily for those addicted to opiates (heroin). Long term programs for adult men and women, pregnant women and women with infants. Methadone is used, and Medicaid is accepted. In NYC.
  • Medicaid


Swan Lake, P.O. Box 340, Route 55 Swan Lake, New York 12783

Ph (845) 292-6880

  • offering short (30-60 day) and long term residential rehab for teens and adults. Medicaid and insurance are accepted, but no one will be denied services for an inability to pay. Residential rehabs are located in upstate New York.
  • All programs are available to clients regardless of an ability to pay for services. Multiple locations. Teen programs are in NJ.

ABLE House (Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center)

2009 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10029

Ph (212) 348-4660

  • A long term halfway house for adults in recovery from addiction. No one will be denied services for an inability to pay. Long term structured living.
  • A residential sober living facility in Manhattan, for adult men and women. No one will be denied services for financial reasons. Long term care.

Veritas Inc. (Veritas House)

– 68 106th Street, New York, NY 10025

Ph (212) 666-1411×124

  • Three NYC based long term residential therapeutic communities treating substance abuse as a family problem, needing a family solution. Home for adult men and women, and women with children (231 beds in total).
  • Men, Women, Three Months, Medicaid

Create Inc.

121-123 West 111th Street, New York City, NY 10026 / Ph (212) 678-4990

128 West 111th Street, New York City, NY 10026 / tel. (212) 666-7707

Phone: (212) 663-1975 / fax 212-663-1293 info(AT)

  • Long term drug and alcohol residential treatment for homeless or poor adult men, in Two NYC locations. Affordable or free to those in need.

Santiago Grevi Community Residence

409-11 EAST 154th STREET, BRONX, NEW YORK 10455

TEL: (718) 665—2010

  • A halfway house under the umbrella of the Hunt’s Multi Point Service Center. A halfway house for 24 adult men, who will receive intensive outpatient drug treatment while residing in the facility. Medicaid is accepted, and some payment assistance may be available.
  • 6-8 month residential stay. Medicaid is accepted.

UBP Inc (La Casita)

834 East 156th Street, Bronx, NY 10455

Ph (718) 292-9808

  • No one will be denied services at La Casita for financial reasons. this 155 bed 18 month residential treatment program for homeless women and their children offers comprehensive therapies, training , healthcare and education.
  • Women, Medicaid, Three Months+, Dual Diagnosis

Narco Freedom Inc. Regenerations and Damon House

1154-1156 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Ph (718) 443-7170 info(AT)

  • two inpatient programs. Regenerations in a 9 month drug rehab for women with children, and Damon House is a long term transitional living house for adults
  • long term residential rehab for women with children, and halfway housing for adult men and women. Services are offered on a sliding scale based on income, and Medicaid is accepted.

Utica Rescue Mission

210 Lansing Street, Utica, NY 13501

212 Rutger Street, Utica, NY 13501

Ph (315) 735-1645×162 / fax 315-793-8211 mail(AT)

  • faith based residential detox for men and women and long term supportive housing for men. Affordable fees, and payment assistance is available for those in need. in Utica.
  • mission run a 21 day Addictions Crisis Center medical detox for adult men and women over the age of 18, and a 6 month residential sober living home for men. Comprehensive therapies, including faith based treatments and Bible study.

RC Ward Addiction Treatment Center

117 Seward St, Building 92 Suite 12-17, Middletown, NY 10940

Ph (845) 341-2500 / (845) 341-2570 FAX

Mary Johnsen, Director E-mail – Mary.Johnsen(AT)

Admissions/Outreach: (845) 341-2511, E-mail Elizabeth.Ocskay(AT)

  • state run 60 bed drug and alcohol rehab for adult men and women. No one will be turned away for an inability to pay for services. Mothers with small children are welcome, as are dual diagnosis patients.
  • Medicaid

Striver House (Piggy Back Inc.)

202-204 Edgecomb Avenue, New York, NY 10030

Ph (212) 690-1900

  • A Harlem based community drug treatment organization.
  • Men / women
  • A 9-12 month residential rehab for homeless men and women, particularly, Harlem’s homeless. Residents at striver house benefit from comprehensive and holistic therapies (Tai Chi, Acupuncture) in a program of re socialization. Free to those in need.

Russel E Blaisdell Addiction Treatment Center

Rockland Psychiatric Center Campus, Building 57, Orangeburg, NY 10962

Ph (845) 359-8500

Thomas Miller, Director Box 140, Orangeburg, NY 10962

(845) 359-8500 | (845) 680-5583 FAX E-mail: thomas.miller(AT)

  • Serving counties Delaware, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, Putnam, Rockland, Westchester. Residential drug treatment services for adult men and women. Free or very affordable billing for those in real need. A State of New York funded treatment facility. Medicaid and private insurance are also accepted.

Camelot Counseling Centers

4442 Arthur Kill Road, Suite #4, Staten Island, NY 10306

Ph 718-356-5100 admin(AT)

  • 6-9 month residential rehab for boys and men, ages 13-21.
  • Medicaid

Catholic Charities Diocese of Rockville Center

30 Carlough Road, Suite C, Bohemia, NY 11716

90 Cherry Lane, Hicksville, NY 11801 info(AT)

Ph (631) 589-4144 / 516-733-7000

If you need help, contact Central Information and Referral at cir(AT) or (516) 733-7045.

  • Offering inpatient crisis care for drug and alcohol addicts (adult men and women), and long term supported housing for women in recovery. No one is turned away for an inability to pay for services.
  • Offering short term crisis residential detox care to adult men and women and long term halfway housing to women. Medicaid and some insurance are accepted, but no one will be turned away for financial reasons. Although a Catholic program, people from all walks of life, and faiths are welcome.

New Hope Manor

35 Hillside Rd, Barryville, NY 12719

Phone: (845) 557-8353

Intensive Residence Ph.: 845-557-8353 Fax: 845-557-8884

Community Residence Ph.: 845-452-2870 Fax: 845-471-8061

Barrie Jacobsen, LCSW-R – Executive Director, 845-557-8353 ext. 332

Sasha Brush, Intake Director/Intensive Residence/General & Admissions Info (845)557-8353 ext. 310

Lorraine Ferdico, Intake Director/Community Residence (845)452-2870

  • A Barryville NY residential rehab for teen girls over the age of 14, women and pregnant women. Therapy, 12 steps and education, as well as medical care. No one will be denied services for monetary reasons.
  • Medicaid

Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment ph 518-377-2448

820 River Street, Inc. (Men and Women’s Halfway House)

108-30 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica-Queens, NY 11435 Tel: 718-526-3803


  • Multiple locations offering treatment and transitional living
  • All are affordable or free to those in need.
  • Altamont House (Residential drug rehab for men and women)

1180 Berne-Knox Road, Altamont, NY 12009 (518) 861-6207 ext. 122

Troy Halfway House, Troy, NY, (518) 272-4246

Crandall Street Halfway House, Glens Falls, NY, (518) 743-0475

Granville Halfway House, Granville, NY, (518) 642-9341

St Joseph’s Supportive Living, Albany, NY, (518) 270-8155

Utica Supportive Living, Utica, NY, (315) 738-6002

Troy Supportive Living, Troy, NY, (518) 270-8155

South Road Supportive Living, Queens, NY, (718) 297-3483

Lawrence Street Supportive Living, Glens Falls, NY, (518) 793-9867

The Jewish Board Headquarters

135 W 50th St, New York, NY 10020

Main Office: 212.582.9100 / Toll-free: 888.523.2769 or 844-ONE CALL


• Accepts Medicaid

• Recovery programs available

• 75 locations in New York

• continuum of care spans all ages and stages of life, and embraces people of diverse cultures, ethnicities, religions, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic backgrounds.

• Sliding scale offered for uninsured

New York’s Medicaid Opioid Support in the United States

Table 1:  Medicaid’s Role in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic (as of June 2019)
State Opioid Overdose Death Rate per 100,000 (2017) Number of Opioid Overdose Deaths (2017) Medicaid Coverage of MAT Drugs (2018) IMD Exclusion Waiver for SUD Treatment (2019)
Prescription Opioids Heroin Synthetic Opioids
United States 14.9 14,495 15,482 28,466 M – 41, B – 51,
N – 51
21 Approved,
7 Pending
Alabama 9.0 141 125 198 M, B, N No
Alaska 13.9 47 36 37 M, B, N Approved
Arizona 13.5 349 334 267 M, B, N Pending
Arkansas 6.5 116 15 68 B, N No
California 5.3 973 715 536 M, B, N Approved
Colorado 10.0 254 224 112 M, B, N No
Connecticut 27.7 188 425 686 M, B, N No
Delaware 27.8 64 121 178 M, B, N Pending
District of Columbia 34.7 39 127 182 M, B, N No
Florida 16.3 1,133 707 2,126 M, B, N No
Georgia 9.7 513 263 419 M, B, N No
Hawaii 3.4 33 10 N/A M, B, N No
Idaho 6.2 55 23 22 B, N No
Illinois 17.2 494 1,187 1,251 M, B, N Approved
Indiana 18.8 390 327 649 M, B, N Approved
Iowa 6.9 95 61 92 M, B, N No
Kansas 5.1 74 25 32 B, N Approved
Kentucky 27.9 399 269 780 B, N Approved
Louisiana 9.3 161 162 156 B, N Approved
Maine 29.9 75 76 278 M, B, N No
Maryland 32.2 524 522 1,542 M, B, N Approved
Massachusetts 28.2 254 466 1,649 M, B, N Approved
Michigan 21.2 510 783 1,368 M, B, N Pending
Minnesota 7.8 150 111 184 M, B, N Pending
Mississippi 6.4 89 34 81 M, B, N No
Missouri 16.5 226 299 618 M, B, N No
Montana 3.6 22 N/A N/A M, B, N No
Nebraska 3.1 32 N/A 25 B, N Pending
Nevada 13.3 239 94 66 M, B, N No
New Hampshire 34.0 51 28 374 M, B, N Approved
New Jersey 22.0 424 1,085 1,376 M, B, N Approved
New Mexico 16.7 144 144 75 M, B, N Approved
New York 16.1 821 1,356 2,238 M, B, N No
North Carolina 19.8 573 537 1,285 M, B, N Approved
North Dakota 4.8 18 N/A 12 B, N No
Ohio 39.2 854 1,000 3,523 M, B, N Pending
Oklahoma 10.2 226 61 102 M, B, N No
Oregon 8.1 124 124 85 M, B, N No
Pennsylvania 21.2 564 819 1,982 M, B, N Approved
Rhode Island 26.9 74 14 201 M, B, N Approved
South Carolina 15.5 312 153 404 B, N No
South Dakota 4.0 14 N/A 14 M, B, N No
Tennessee 19.3 592 311 590 B, N Pending
Texas 5.1 535 569 348 M, B, N No
Utah 15.5 290 147 92 M, B, N Approved
Vermont 20.0 27 41 77 M, B, N Approved
Virginia 14.8 336 556 829 M, B, N Approved
Washington 9.6 250 306 143 M, B, N Approved
West Virginia 49.6 279 244 618 M, B, N Approved
Wisconsin 16.9 318 414 466 M, B, N Approved
Wyoming 8.7 30 N/A 17 B, N No
NOTE: Overdose deaths by type of opioid are not mutually exclusive and should not be summed. Synthetic opioid deaths do not include deaths due to methadone. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) drugs are: methadone (M), buprenorphine (B), and naltrexone (N). Naltrexone includes both oral and injectable. An IMD (Institution for Mental Disease) is an inpatient facility with over 16 beds.