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The AA Community is Everywhere You Go

Available Worldwide Maybe you just moved to a new area. Or, you could be traveling for the first time since you got sober. There are many situations where you’re new in town and you need to find an AA meeting. Whatever your situation is, you are probably a little nervous if you are


Traits That Increase the Risk of Addiction

Considering the heartache, time and cost that goes into addiction recovery, some have asked what can be done to prevent it from occurring in the first place? A new anti-drug program Called Preventure, has established four personality traits in children that link to addiction later in life. This program has been developed by Patricia Conrod,


The Role of a Sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous

Why is a Sponsor is Necessary? In the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous each member is encouraged to get a sponsor. This is a program of support. A sponsor is someone who shares their "experience, strength and hope" in the program. The sponsor will guide the sponsee through applying the 12 steps


Arrests Made in West Palm Beach Florida for “Pay for Patients” Scheme

There is a battle that the United States has become entrenched in, and it is one for the survival of some of it's most vulnerable citizens. The key players in the drama are: patients treatment centers legislators insurance companies and it's only too often that the patients themselves get the short end of the stick. This


Why Marijuana Legalization is a Step in the Wrong Direction

Not Worth The Tradeoff Our organization is dedicated to being on the forefront of addiction treatment, and this includes embracing some controversial concepts along the way, such as: Harm reduction treatment: providing safe spaces for drug use utilizing opiate alternatives like methadone to reduce dependence on more dangerous opiates (like heroin) Classifying addiction


Home Made Fentanyl is Incredibly Dangerous and Causes Many Overdoses

As if Opiates Weren't Already Scary Enough  (Orange County, California) Like something out of a blockbuster movie, arrests have been made of a ring of home based chemists and drug dealers  who manufactured and distributed their "home made brew" of the incredibly potent drug Fentanyl. Covered in more detail in yesterday's Orange County Register Article,


Let’s Learn About “Harm Reduction” & Let’s Lose the Stigma

We're repeatedly seeing "harm reduction" appear in articles with the label "controversial" always included.  "Harm reduction" refers to practices that may seem counterintuitive to the typical person: treatment instead of punishment for drug related crimes "safe" spaces for drug use (including illegal drugs likeheroin) Especially the individual who has never struggled with an addiction

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