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More Californians Are Smoking Fentanyl

Research from the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence helps medical, and addiction professionals focus on substance use trends and overdose patterns. For many years, the patterns revolving in these research areas stayed relatively the same, with some years with higher numbers across the board but no fundamental changes in which drugs were being used. That

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September is National Recovery Month

Every September, National Recovery Month takes place across the United States to help increase awareness of addiction and recovery. One major part of the mission is to educate people about the resources available to individuals with substance use problems and their families. We Are All in this Together No matter who you are or where

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Alcohol Addiction and MAT

There is approved and studied medication available for alcohol use disorder. However, these medications are rarely used, especially in the United States. Why is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) so underused in the US?   What the Research Shows on MAT and Alcohol Research shows that few people can access Medication-Assisted Treatment in Federal guidelines recommend using

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80% of People With Resolved Addiction Accomplish Life Goals

Do people achieve their goals in recovery? A new study from the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors looks at the lives of people who have resolved their addictions and data about their lifestyle, economic situation, and other factors of their life after addiction. The research,  primarily from people who joined 12-step groups, looks at the

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GLOSS Group Helps Women in Tennessee Get Sober

Girls Loving Ourselves Seriously Sober (GLOSS) may sound like a strange acronym, but it's used to describe the work of several women who help lift others toward recovery. Based in Clairmont, Tennessee, the group helps clients with mental health disorders, justice involvement, and addiction start to pick themselves up and move forward. Six of them

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Maryland Lawmaker Targets Gambling Addiction Education

In 2008, Maryland legalized slots, and in 2012, they legalized card tables. Alongside these new economic opportunities, revenue comes a human cost in the form of gambling addiction. Because of the dangers of addiction, Maryland state Sen. Bryan Simonaire wants schools to educate people about gambling addiction risks while they are still young, preferably in

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EVALI, Lung Damage And Flavored Vaping

Flavored vaping can lead to lung damage, especially when it comes to the diagnosis of EVALI,  a lung injury caused by vaping that isn’t yet entirely understood. When it comes to flavored vaping products, people usually use additives to create taste. The additives are mostly used in food, and no one has ever tested what

  • Oregon nurse practitioners

Oregon Nurse Practitioners Fill Treatment Gap

In rural environments, there are not many ways for a person addicted to drugs to get the help they need. Access is a huge problem for a public health crisis that reaches almost every corner of America. Inpatient treatment programs are often hours away, and there is a waitlist to be accepted. And now, more

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