In the United States, addiction to both opioids and methamphetamine is increasing, causing a lethal mix that causes users to be more likely to overdose. In 2011, the number of people addicted to both substances was reported to be 19% in 2011. In 2017, that number increased to 34%. The increase of dual addictions was reported most often in the western United States.

While the federal government has dedicated $2.4 billion for state grants since 2017, but the money has targeted opioid-only addiction, leaving many treatment centers without the ability to help people whose primary drug of choice is meth. Media attention has focused on the broad swath of the population addicted to various opioids, the attention to other drug addiction rates that are rising leaves the possibility of a new public health crisis sneaking in the back door.

Addiction Treatment Money is Often For Opioids Only

Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, show that 11 states, which include California, Pennsylvania and Texas, have reported that opioids make up less than half of drug overdose deaths in 2017.

In California, 2,199 people died from opioid-related causes in 2017. The death rates opioid death are one of the lowest in the US. For addiction treatment, the state received $195.8 million in funding, but the money is earmarked for opioid addiction prevention and treatment only, leaving many addicted people out in the cold if they don’t have insurance or if treatment centers don’t have enough beds.

Getting Help for Those Addicted to Meth

Specific treatments are needed for specific addictions, and the mental health system also ends up helping people living with mental health disorders often use drugs or alcohol to mask their symptoms. Experts say the funding to meet these needs is still not enough. They are hoping that in the coming years more money is needed for mental health clients as well as those addicted to other drugs like meth or synthetic drugs like K2.

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