More potent marijuana is causing addiction worldwide, according to new research. People are lighting up everywhere from California to Washington DC through medical marijuana programs and recreational use. Canabiss has never been more accessible, and it’s becoming a mainstream addiction. THC levels are also stronger than ever, and it appears that more people than ever exhibit signs of substance use disorder.

Marijuana Is Stronger Than Ever

Tinctures and smokable concentrates are up to 70% THC. According to CNN, THC content was only about 13% in the 1990s. In the 1970s,  the marijuana produced hovered around 5% THC.

In some dispensaries, the marijuana potency varies according to customer demand. Most places do typically sell products with lower THC levels. However, most THC content in commercial products is over 20%. Some are as high as 70%.

Cannabis Use Disorder And Potent Marijuana

Research shows that there are risks that come with the use of higher THC levels. People have been to the emergency room feeling nauseous, having panic attacks, or experiencing tachycardia. Research shows that people who use higher levels of THC are more likely to have cannabis use disorder.

Three in ten THC users in the US have a cannabis use disorder. In Europe, the relaxation of laws has also left many people addicted.

Higher Potency THC Causes Mental Health Issues

While higher potency THC products are sold in stores, much of that product also makes it onto the street or is sold through online forums or chats. Because of this, some people are exposed to highly potent vaping products and tinctures. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that may cause mild hallucinations in higher doses, as well as paranoia and delusions.

Some people may be more prone to addiction but cannot control their use. Cannabis use disorder can cause problems with relationships, jobs, and other essential parts of life. Many people try to control their marijuana use by reducing their smoking or adding tobacco to their joints. However, supply chains for marijuana may be unreliable, and many people who buy on the black market are unaware of how much THC they consume.

High potency products are linked to episodes of psychosis, anxiety attacks, and other mental health issues. People are also more likely to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders.