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More Californians Are Smoking Fentanyl

Research from the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence helps medical, and addiction professionals focus on substance use trends and overdose patterns. For many years, the patterns revolving in these research areas stayed relatively the same, with some years with higher numbers across the board but no fundamental changes in which drugs were being used. That

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CA Pharmacies Don’t Take Back Opioids Like They Should

California pharmacies don’t take back opioids, although FDA guidelines recommend that all pharmacies help their customers dispose of unused drugs properly. While many people are unaware that they can dispose of unused medications at pharmacies, sometimes the pharmacies don’t know procedures for disposal, either. It is doubtful that the problem is isolated to California alone.

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Drs Were Paid, Gave Patients Money for Naltrexone Implants

In California, opioid addiction has run rampant, with 2,012 opioid-related overdose deaths­­­ each year. The number of overdose deaths since 2012 from heroin has increased from 362 to 587, and synthetic opioids deaths have risen from 146 to 355. While there are fewer addicted people across the state, there are heavily concentrated populations of opioid

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  • Community Recovery Centers Founder Charged With Sex Assault

Community Recovery Centers Founder Charged With Sex Assault, Fraud

A man who describes himself as Malibu’s “rehab mogul” is accused of sexually assaulting several women at his rehab centers, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. Police believe that after the arrest, more victims will come forward. Police say that Christopher Bathum, 55, sexually assaulted former clients at his sober living facilities that

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  • Sober Homes Bill in Congress

Sober Homes Bill Gains Momentum in California

In California, a bill giving local governments more control over "sober living homes" that have been popping in across the state is gaining momentum. But the bill is not without controversy. The legislation, known as the Safe Recovery and Community Empowerment Act (H.R. 6070) was introduced by California native Darrell Issa (R) in the House

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