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Researchers: Fentanyl Test Strips Can Change Drug Users’ Behaviors, Prevent OD’s

Researchers: Fentanyl Test Strips Can Change Drug Users’ Behaviors, Prevent OD’s Nearly 72,000 overdoses took place last year in the US, and experts say that many of these were due to street drugs being tainted with fentanyl, which is nearly 100 times stronger than heroin. And now, a Brown University study aimed at stopping overdoses found that

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April 28th is National Drug Take-Back Day

Have you been wanting to dispose of unused, unwanted drugs but you're not sure the safest way to do it? Get involved in the solution to the problem which is National Drug Take-Back Day, a day that participating locations all across the US will take any prescription drugs you don't want off your hands and

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Synthetic Drug Vaping Oil Causes Army to Issue Health Warning

The US Army issued a public health warning for synthetic drugs last week in response to what they view as a public health emergency. Vaping oil, marketed as synthetic cannabinoids, has caused hospitalizations in several branches of the military. They say that these drugs are responsible for at least 60 hospitalizations in the past year

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Report Says Fentanyl Epidemic Supplied by China

While US law enforcement has often pointed the finger toward Chinese suppliers, a new federal government report confirms that China's “weakly regulated and poorly monitored” pharmaceutical industry is at fault for the Fentanyl epidemic in US states like Florida and Ohio. The U.S.- China Economic and Security Review Commission's report explains  that Chinese pharmaceutical companies

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