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FDA Bans Juul Sales In The United States

Last week, the FDA ruled that Juul, the primary maker of smokeless tobacco products worldwide, cannot sell or market their product in the United States anymore. The ban comes after years of back and forth between regulators and the company. Juul has been heavily invested in by Altria, the primary manufacturer of cigarettes and other

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One in Five American Teens Has Vaped Nicotine

Last year, in September, the US Food and Drug Administration put out a stern press release declaring vaping “an epidemic” among young people, particularly minors. We’ve detailed some information about how vaping tobacco appears to be a gateway into other tobacco use for young people, rather than an exit path for adult smokers looking to

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FDA and FTC Warn About Fake Opioid Withdrawal Products

Acting FTC Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen and FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, issued rare joint warning letters to 11 companies for their products that claim to ease opioid withdrawal symptoms and other unproven claims. The two agencies say these supplements are illegally marketed and sold online, and the owners of the businesses must cease selling

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FDA Takes Opiate Opana ER Out of Circulation

The Food and Drug Administration has taken action to remove a powerful opiate from the pharmaceutical market. Opana ER, also known as oxymorphone hydrochloride, is about twice as powerful as OxyContin, another prescription medication that is often abused by opiate addicts. Opana ER is meant to require daily, long-term opioid treatment for severe pain and

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