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More Californians Are Smoking Fentanyl

Research from the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence helps medical, and addiction professionals focus on substance use trends and overdose patterns. For many years, the patterns revolving in these research areas stayed relatively the same, with some years with higher numbers across the board but no fundamental changes in which drugs were being used. That

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Attorneys Want to Consolidate Thousands of Opioid Lawsuits

Across the US, hundreds of attorneys representing cities, counties, states and small towns, have filed lawsuits against opioid makers (such as Perdue Pharma) and distributors (including such everyday names as Walgreens. All of these lawsuits point blame at the various players for helping escalate the opioid addiction epidemic and seek monetary compensation. Now, attorneys have

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Researchers: Fentanyl Test Strips Can Change Drug Users’ Behaviors, Prevent OD’s

Researchers: Fentanyl Test Strips Can Change Drug Users’ Behaviors, Prevent OD’s Nearly 72,000 overdoses took place last year in the US, and experts say that many of these were due to street drugs being tainted with fentanyl, which is nearly 100 times stronger than heroin. And now, a Brown University study aimed at stopping overdoses found that

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NY Plays Whack-a-Mole with Pill Mills

Last week, Dr. Ernesto Lopez, from Long Island, New York, alongside his assistant and nurse practitioner were all arrested for a familiar scheme; they’re accused of operating several locations of their practices as pill mills. All three face 20 years in prison for writing what authorities say were millions of dollars worth of fake prescriptions

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Online Dealer’s Arrest Shines Light on Secret Fentanyl Deals

A drug dealer who sold fentanyl over the dark web was captured due to old-fashioned detective work, proving to law enforcement that police can even overcome anonymizers with enough patience and hard work, according to a press release from the Department of Justice. For many people involved in fighting the fentanyl trade, this arrest offers

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Report Says Fentanyl Epidemic Supplied by China

While US law enforcement has often pointed the finger toward Chinese suppliers, a new federal government report confirms that China's “weakly regulated and poorly monitored” pharmaceutical industry is at fault for the Fentanyl epidemic in US states like Florida and Ohio. The U.S.- China Economic and Security Review Commission's report explains  that Chinese pharmaceutical companies

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Fentanyl Abuse Becomes More Common, Posing Many Dangers

Fentanyl sales are becoming more common across the US as well as North America as a substitute for heroin and other opiates, leading to disastrous results. The medical painkiller that is 50 times stronger than heroin, which often leaves even experienced drug users in a state of overdose. Overdoses are difficult to counteract with opioid-reversing

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