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  • synthetic marijuana maker also makes synthetic fentanyl

Synthetic Marijuana Approved, But Drugmaker Controversial

While the federal government has been relentlessly chasing down drugs that purport to be “fake marijuana”, one synthetic marijuana manufacturer has been given the green light to manufacture their own formula. Named Syndros, the drug meant as a treatment for AIDS-related anorexia and rid cancer patients of the nausea and vomiting they experience when undergoing

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Companies Exploit Opiate Addiction and Fears for Profit

Proove Biosciences and the Genetic Addiction Predictor Recently, a business promising genetic testing to predict opiate addiction came under scrutiny for selling what they call “genetic tests” to help predict a person’s capacity for addiction. Experts, however, say the test is not scientifically sound and could lead to discrimination for patients that really need the

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  • two more arrests in Palm Beach sober homes

Palm Beach Sober Homes Task Force Nets More Arrests

Just before Thanksgiving last week, authorities in Palm Beach County, Florida made arrests of two more sober home managers. Accused of participating in a scheme of patient brokering, the arrests are just a few in a string of alleged patient brokering schemes that have become almost commonplace across the state. They’re the latest arrests in

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  • Community Recovery Centers Founder Charged With Sex Assault

Community Recovery Centers Founder Charged With Sex Assault, Fraud

A man who describes himself as Malibu’s “rehab mogul” is accused of sexually assaulting several women at his rehab centers, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. Police believe that after the arrest, more victims will come forward. Police say that Christopher Bathum, 55, sexually assaulted former clients at his sober living facilities that

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