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Heroin Vaccine? It’s Being Worked On

A heroin vaccine? It’s closer than we think. A vaccine that has been formulated to help block the effects of heroin in mice and rats in proving effective for researchers, and will pave the way for formulating a similar vaccine for humans, according to the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Developed between researchers with the U.S.

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CVS Takes Measures to Prevent Opiate Misuse

First responders and the treatment community as a whole give communities access to some of the tools they need to battle a raging addiction epidemic, there are a lot of measures that have been proposed to keep people from ever starting drugs. While some pharmaceutical companies are becoming mired in lawsuits for making and marketing

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Companies Exploit Opiate Addiction and Fears for Profit

Proove Biosciences and the Genetic Addiction Predictor Recently, a business promising genetic testing to predict opiate addiction came under scrutiny for selling what they call “genetic tests” to help predict a person’s capacity for addiction. Experts, however, say the test is not scientifically sound and could lead to discrimination for patients that really need the

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Fentanyl Abuse Becomes More Common, Posing Many Dangers

Fentanyl sales are becoming more common across the US as well as North America as a substitute for heroin and other opiates, leading to disastrous results. The medical painkiller that is 50 times stronger than heroin, which often leaves even experienced drug users in a state of overdose. Overdoses are difficult to counteract with opioid-reversing

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Will Limiting Production of Opioids Slow the Epidemic?

Pain pill addiction, and specifically addiction to opioids, has become an epidemic that even the pharmaceutical industry cannot ignore. The numbers of deaths noted in a report from the Centers for Disease Control are staggering; deaths from prescription opioids have quadrupled since 1999, killing more than 28,000 people in 2014. In states disproportionately affected by

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