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GLOSS Group Helps Women in Tennessee Get Sober

Girls Loving Ourselves Seriously Sober (GLOSS) may sound like a strange acronym, but it's used to describe the work of several women who help lift others toward recovery. Based in Clairmont, Tennessee, the group helps clients with mental health disorders, justice involvement, and addiction start to pick themselves up and move forward. Six of them

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Chicago Struggles With Sober Housing

A recent investigation from Eyewitness 7 News in Chicago reveals a story that’s unfolded in many cities: people looking to find legitimate sober housing left without the resources they need. There aren’t enough beds to people trying to get help with addiction from harder drugs like opioids, and many of the homes are scams that

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  • Sober Homes Bill in Congress

Sober Homes Bill Gains Momentum in California

In California, a bill giving local governments more control over "sober living homes" that have been popping in across the state is gaining momentum. But the bill is not without controversy. The legislation, known as the Safe Recovery and Community Empowerment Act (H.R. 6070) was introduced by California native Darrell Issa (R) in the House

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