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New York Funds Fourteen New Recovery Centers

The New York Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services announced funding last week to complete fourteen new alcohol and drug treatment centers to help combat the addiction epidemic. The state is dedicating $5.1 million in funding to the effort across the state. They also announced additional funding for two recovery centers. One of the

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  • Addiction treatment will not be mandatory under AHCA

Treatment Coverage Gutted in AHCA Bill

Addiction treatment coverage is slashed in the Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act, which will strip away what advocates say is essential coverage for drug addiction treatment. This reduction in coverage is being proposed even as the number of people dying from opiate overdoses has continue to climb nationwide. Beginning in 2020, the

  • Community Recovery Centers Founder Charged With Sex Assault

Community Recovery Centers Founder Charged With Sex Assault, Fraud

A man who describes himself as Malibu’s “rehab mogul” is accused of sexually assaulting several women at his rehab centers, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. Police believe that after the arrest, more victims will come forward. Police say that Christopher Bathum, 55, sexually assaulted former clients at his sober living facilities that

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Agencies Turn to Peer Recovery Coaches to Fill Treatment Gaps

With the expanding use of naloxone, the live saving drug that can often reverse the symptoms of an opioid, thousands of lives are saved every year. But what happens after an opiate overdose is reversed by naloxone? Many emergency rooms will simply discharge the addict once they’re considered stable. Sometimes there will be a recommendation

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