Reach Your Clients When and Where They Need You

No matter what challenges you are facing, a steady supply of clients will help you meet your goals of providing excellent clinical care while growing and increasing the profitability of your treatment center. 

Getting the phone to ring with potential clients is where we come in.  Let us propose a growth strategy that will highlight your strongest and unique attributes and then deliver that message to clients whom are a good fit for your center.

Take a look below at our areas of expertise and fill out the form or call today. Let’s work together to maximize the potential of the excellent clinical care you provide.

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Credibility + Visibility = Waiting Lists of Clients

The rapid changes that have affected the addiction treatment industry in recent years are devastating to those who won’t adapt, but these changes are a huge windfall to those who are flexible and adaptive.

You have enough to worry about as you navigate insurance utilization review, billing, staffing, scouting new locations, and making sure you are providing the best treatment possible. Contact us so we can get to work on creating messaging that highlights your unique treatment proposition and then gets seen by the right kind of clients.

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What Do You Need Help With Most?

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Search Engine Optimization

This is our favorite part of internet marketing because every step you take toward optimizing your website creates long term returns.

The timeline to see changes for national organic results can be daunting (roughly 9 months at minimum), but the investment continues to pay dividends long after your search rankings start to improve.

There are ways to break into regional markets using local optimization that has much quicker turnaround time and of course we have other mechanisms that can jump-start your client outreach (like social media advertising and Adwords Campaigns).

Google Adwords


The secret to maximizing your ROI from Google AdWords is to continually analyze and optimize your ads based on the results you are getting.

This truly powerful platform can get your message to the right person at the right time, but it’s completely up to the AdWords campaign manager. No one from Google will be monitoring your purchases and if your campaign manager isn’t an expert, he or she can easily spend your entire budget without generating a lead. Call us for help here, this tool requires skill and experience.

Social Media Management


It is increasingly important to Google to have an active social media presence to complement your strong site content.

It’s also a very strong indicator to a potential client (or their family) that you are credible, respected, and authoritative in the field of addiction treatment.  We can help you set up and manage your various social media streams so that they become a strong asset for your marketing efforts.

Messaging & Brand Strategy 


After working with hundreds of providers to help them put their “best foot forward,” we take great pride in working with reputable treatment centers to help them hone the message that differentiates them from other providers.

Don’t try and offer the world to your customer via your online presence. Highlight what you are most passionate about and get them to contact you for more info.

Online Reputation Management


This is a very tough area for treatment centers and the resulting reviews are not always fair or accurate because one disgruntled former client can make themselves appear to represent a large segment of customers. 

We have dealt with all manner of problematic reviews and such, and we can help improve your reputation. 

Update Site Design


Every two years or so the site should be refreshed, this makes you appear to be a “top of class” facility.

Having a sophisticated site design not only helps with user behavior metrics (very important to Google), but it also sends strong  subliminal messages to your potential client that your center is

capable and staffed by experts.

Routine Site Maintenance


Keeping your site secure and monitoring it’s performance is very important. There are a lot of tasks that fall under this umbrella, from load time optimization to security measures that prevent or remove malware or a DDOS attack.

Get Connected with Your Future Clients!

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