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Bronx Daycare Tragedy Shows How Close To Home Fentanyl Crisis Can Get

Earlier this month, one-year-old Nicholas Dominici died after coming into contact with fentanyl at a daycare in the Bronx, New York. Three other children also were hospitalized with acute opioid intoxication. The daycare's owner and her husband now face various criminal charges. How does such a situation happen, and how can it be prevented from

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Fentanyl Addiction Requires Stronger Tools, Experts Say

Fentanyl, a drug that is 50 to 100 times the strength of morphine, has become a fixture in the illicit drug industry. It’s been added to opioids, cocaine, and even psychedelic drugs like Molly. And while there are plenty of people ingesting it accidentally, there are also many users who tried it once and became

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