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Drinkers’ Genetics Could Be More Prone to Behavioral Addictions

People who drink regularly also tend to have other behavioral issues. Scientists have found genetics related to regular drinking and other addictive behaviors. They found that people who drink are more likely to have addictions to social media, internet use, gaming, exercise, gambling, hair pulling, or eating. They believe that people who share these issues

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Using Therapeutic Digital Gaming and VR For Addiction

Many people learned new technologies on computers and cell phones during the pandemic. However, Zoom and other video sessions became indispensable for people in recovery, people with mental health disorders, and treatment professionals. Now, researchers want to take things a step further. They are currently working on creating therapeutic digital games and virtual reality simulations

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Optogenetics Research Offers Hope for Addiction

In 2004, Stanford neuroscientist Karl Deisseroth pioneered research into a new way to treat addiction. Optogenetics, a treatment using light to stimulate neurons in the brain, has been used to study drug addiction, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and autism. In 2013 researchers found that stimulating one region of the brain with light appeared to reduce

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