Girls Loving Ourselves Seriously Sober (GLOSS) may sound like a strange acronym, but it’s used to describe the work of several women who help lift others toward recovery. Based in Clairmont, Tennessee, the group helps clients with mental health disorders, justice involvement, and addiction start to pick themselves up and move forward. Six of them — Kelly Parkey, Jolayna Mullins, Kaddie Walker, Areia Smith, Angel Evans, and Jessica Compton– now help ladies with addiction problems start to rebuild their lives.

Helping One Problem at a Time

The group first formed because all of the women in recovery noticed many losses and overdoses in their community, especially among younger generations.

The group helps women who are usually in crisis mode from their addiction, alongside court involvement, loss of parental rights, or even family violence. They want to support, not judge, their clients who are at a crossroads and help them feel supported.

“We take people to rehab. We pick up people for meetings and, at times, probation appointments. We appear with them in court. We feed and dress the homeless. We provide rehab information and after recovery assistance that may help with their progress. We do one-on-one sessions. We help people fill out job applications,” Parkey says about their services.

They also offer a food pantry and a clothing closet for ladies who need help. And all of this, they provide for free, giving sisterhood to women who are in need.

Women, Addiction and Recovery

Recovery and addiction among women are widespread, especially during the pandemic where overdoses have tended to happen to people in their 20’s and 30’s. People who identify as female are less likely to get diagnosed with a substance use disorder and more likely to experience abuse or trauma due to their addiction.

Treatment centers geared specifically towards females’ needs are essential to helping women address their trauma and feel safe. If you or somebody you love has a problem with alcohol or drugs and live in Tennessee, get in touch with GLOSS at 423-489-2689. Donations of clothing, hygiene products, or household items are also welcome.