Have you been wanting to dispose of unused, unwanted drugs but you’re not sure the safest way to do it? Get involved in the solution to the problem which is National Drug Take-Back Day, a day that participating locations all across the US will take any prescription drugs you don’t want off your hands and dispose of them safely.

This day is so important because so many first-time opioid users are experimenting with drugs as youths, many times going through a loved ones’ medicine cabinet for new things to try. People in recovery who are prone to relapse may do this as well.

Don’t let unused medications sit and wait for somebody who is opportunistic. Getting rid of these drugs can save lives and prevent a person prone to addiction from ever picking up an opioid or other drug that is abused.

Why Participate in National Take-Back Day?

Its hard to dispose of unused drugs safely, and it’s simply dangerous to keep addictive drugs around. Even if there are no children or known drug users in your family, opportunistic people who are in desperate need of cash or a fix may steal them from you. These drugs can make their way into the schools or streets, and nobody wants that to happen.

Your name is on these drug bottles and ultimately, you are responsible for them. So make sure you do the responsible thing and get rid of any and all prescription drugs that you aren’t using and don’t plan to use.

How Do I Find a Take-Back Day Location?

Google has created a tool to find a take-back location. If you are unable to participate on Saturday, the DEA website offers suggestions for disposing of pills safely. Some places in the US that operate drug take-back programs year-round, such as Walgreens.

What Should I Bring to National Take-Back Day

Drug take-back programs really don’t have many requirements. You’ll get a bag from them to put your pills in, and then you will seal it. Before you do this, you probably want toblack out any identifying details from the prescription label. Even if the drug you’re turning in is not addictive, it’s still in your best interests to use a take-back program to dispose of your pills properly. By doing this, you’re preventing harmful chemicals from getting into the groundwater and effecting natural habitats, and that’s good news for everyone. So please, take the time on Saturday to do the right thing.