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New England Opioid Strike Force (NEPO) Announces First Criminal Case

The New England Opioid Strike Force, aka NEPO, assembled to combat the proliferation of opioid pills in the region, has announced its first arrest. The criminal case involves the illegal distribution of narcotics. Prosecutors say Dr. Merideth C. Norris illegally prescribed opioids without any legitimate medical purpose. The Case Against Dr. Norris Dr. Norris, who

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Study Shows Narcan is Most Effect Opioid-Antagonist

A research study recently released by NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse) found that improvised medical devices that deliver naloxone intranasally are significantly less effective when it comes to administering high enough doses of the opioid-antagonist drug. Narcan injections and FDA-approved nasal naloxone, the research shows, tend to apply the correct dosages correctly more

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April 28th is National Drug Take-Back Day

Have you been wanting to dispose of unused, unwanted drugs but you're not sure the safest way to do it? Get involved in the solution to the problem which is National Drug Take-Back Day, a day that participating locations all across the US will take any prescription drugs you don't want off your hands and

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CVS Takes Measures to Prevent Opiate Misuse

First responders and the treatment community as a whole give communities access to some of the tools they need to battle a raging addiction epidemic, there are a lot of measures that have been proposed to keep people from ever starting drugs. While some pharmaceutical companies are becoming mired in lawsuits for making and marketing

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Online Dealer’s Arrest Shines Light on Secret Fentanyl Deals

A drug dealer who sold fentanyl over the dark web was captured due to old-fashioned detective work, proving to law enforcement that police can even overcome anonymizers with enough patience and hard work, according to a press release from the Department of Justice. For many people involved in fighting the fentanyl trade, this arrest offers

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Nasal Naloxone Overdose Kit Recalled

Teleflex Medical, the manufacturer of the nasal naloxone kits used by first responders and others nationwide to reverse overdoses from heroin and prescription painkillers, has issued a nationwide recall. Why is the Nasal Naloxone Kit Under Recall? The recall, announced earlier this week, affects the atomizers only, which are used to administer the drug as

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